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We help small to SME sized organisations build high quality JavaScript apps and improve their internal development skills.

Our company was started because our founder Pete realised everyone was promising quality software; but his experience of working with many companies as an independent contractor was that it simply wasn’t the case. The apps looked great but underneath the code had an incoherent structure and many of the so-called ‘Agile’ processes in place were actually working against the client.

This would end up with the same problems for paying customers almost every time; these range from bugs and slow delivery to developers and stakeholders being unhappy with progress.

Logic Room is a company you can trust that works as your team, or as an extension of your team. We have mastered 2 methodologies which ensure consistency and quality between our skilled engineers that assist you on your unique journey to be a digital business powered by JavaScript.

We typically work with technical leaders but also company founders and managing directors.

Check out our services page and if you like what you have learned, you can connect with us for an initial discussion.

Our Team

Who Are We?

Pete Heard - Founder

"I founded Logic Room so that I could offer businesses a chance to work with a consultancy they can trust; to deliver not just working code but well engineered code, which supports their long term digital objectives."

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Tom Riglar - Lead Developer

"I helped Logic Room when they first started to apply their Clean Architecture principles to JavaScript. I am interested in building apps using our modular approach to architecture and testing."

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Matthew Wasbrough - Developer

"I joined Logic Room in 2018. I work on Logic Rooms client projects and have an interest in writing stable automated testing which allows us to keep refining our clients code in line with their business objectives."

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Patryk Ties - Developer

"I joined Logic Room from a previous life running a tech start-up business. I work for Logic Room because they provide a structured way to develop JavaScript apps instead of the 'anything goes' methodology which is prevalent in our industry."

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