What is it?

Ignition is our specially designed 2 day workshop created to help organisations align their software development aspirations with business objectives for new app development projects.

It is for greenfield projects. For projects already in progress please head to our Amplitude service.


Why does it exist?

We created the workshop because we realised that when business leaders set out to start a new project the thing they need the most is clarity!

So we designed the workshop to take them through 4 key stages;

  • To help our clients understand and define their business objectives
  • To help our clients understand and define how they will execute their project
  • To help our clients choose the right technology
  • To help our clients plan and select features for the first iteration of their project or MVP (MinimumViable Product)


How Does It Work

It is a workshop package which we do at our office in Reading for organizations looking to start new digital projects for web and mobile solutions.

It is designed to be a standalone offering which delegates can use to research and plan their new projects. The outcome can either be used to engage Logic Room or to engage another software consultancy.

We typically propose 2 days for projects that are estimated to last 6 months dependent on complexity.

At the end the client will receive a 2 page ‘key findings’ summary of our findings so that they can proceed to the next step of their project with a clear vision of what they want and how they can achieve it.

It is a 4 stage process…

1. Business Objectives
2. Execution
3. Technology
4. Planning

In this first step we seek to establish what types of customers you are solving problems for, why they would want to use your product how adept your organization is at solving this type of problem.

We assess how your business objectives fit in with your transformation goals.



I have a new digital project can you help? Yes, ignition is designed for new greenfield projects. We will get you started on your new journey!

Can you work with my team? Yes, typically our clients have an internal team. We are happy to run the workshop with your internal team. But if your project is already started we recommend you look at Amplitude on our services page.

Do you produce design work from ignition? Whilst we do include a designer to help with the estimation we do not provide design as part of ignition unless you pay extra. Design and Development are extremely time consuming activities so there would be little point in doing them individually.

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