At Logic Room we have a set of shared values which guide the work we do and the way in which we conduct ourselves. Each of the values are followed by everyone who joins our company. They cover the way that we operate internally and how we work with our clients.


  • We are perfecting a developer-first approach to building software which yields better outcomes for businesses

  • We believe that teams of engineers perform to their best when there is order and stability to the work they do

  • We take responsibility for errors in our work, we tirelessly work on our ability to have attention to detail in the work we do

  • We do not underestimate our work in order to secure 'more' work, we will guard our own engineers and our clients engineers from making estimates that are unrealistic

Technical Mastery

  • We take pride in knowing enough about our tools to avoid making costly mistakes

  • We don't ride 'gimmicky' waves; we focus our efforts on delivering value through better skills and knowledge

  • We demonstrate deep and thorough knowledge of object oriented programming, functional programming, software architecture and writing test automation


  • We avoid communication, meetings and situations which do not move us faster and easier towards our teams and clients goals

  • We believe that engineering teams must have a common framework for the architecture of application design

  • We are honest with people whether it's in our best interests or not. We don't people-please and we will always work to do the 'right' thing, not the 'popular' thing

  • We do not confuse our clients or team with buzzwords or extraneous processes


  • We prefer working relationships which last a long time - we work better with people when we know the people we work with

  • We make time for our family commitments and support each other in this respect

  • We believe the best relationships are formed with people in person not remotely, we strive to work in the same physical location

  • We are patient when we explain things to people