What's Wrong

The Problem

60 years since it began, the software industry is still failing...

With over 50% of the world’s largest companies now being software enabled, the modern business leader must address the ever increasing complexitites of building effective software teams to help them POWER their organisation into the digital era.

We know from leading industry reports (available on request) that software projects are still failing; the average cost overrun is 43%.

Sound Familiar?

Is this you?

We see multiple pain points within software teams and new app builds, here are just a few...

  • The same BUGS keep re-appearing
  • It COSTS so much!
  • Nothing is ever delivered ON-TIME
  • Nobody knows what the developers are DOING
  • You have to keep re-working the same code OVER AND OVER
  • Your developers keep LEAVING YOU
  • You never know where you STAND
  • You never seem to get any CODE RE-USE
  • Even the best teams don’t know if they can DO BETTER?

Time to work

So What?

The key to unlocking a powerful JavaScript development capability lies in a companies ability to build a disciplined engineering team who focus on quality.

We work with you using 2 battle tested methodologies called The Clean Architecture and Test Driven Development Simplified which give your developers a common framework for architecture and test automation.

We are your partners in helping you to build JavaScript apps and teams that will let you move faster than your competition.