We Help Companies Build
Scalable JavaScript Apps

Our Story

What We Do

We are a UK based JavaScript consultancy.

We help companies in London and Reading build scalable apps using a proven and tested methodology.

CTOs and business leaders work with us because we have distilled a precise framework for complex UI apps which we introduce into their team(s) or use to build apps for them.

Our proven process works by laying out a cognitive method for architecture driven by 'developer first' paradigms. It's composed of 52 interlocking concepts that form a holistic framework which allows JavaScript apps to scale in line with a fast moving business.

Pete Heard started the company in 2017 because he could not find teams to build software to a high standard so he set out to create a company that would.

To begin your journey with us - watch our video here.

Focus Areas

We work with your team(s) and we build apps


On-site Coaching
for JavaScript teams

We work within your teams showing them how to implement our battle-tested methodology for building scalable JavaScript Apps.



JavaScript & TypeScript
Development Service

From React to Node. We build premium solutions at our office in Reading that will help you move faster than your competition.