Case Study : Cutover


A Growing Company

Cutover are a London based technology company that build real-time change management software for banks and other regulated industries.


A Codebase That Isn't Scaling

Cutover were experiencing the same problems many companies go through when trying to scale a large Single Page Application (SPA). As their team and codebase has grown it has become harder to understand, maintain and create the desired levels of 'test automation'. This was leading to frustration for both the development team and management.

They were also locked into an old framework because of the complexity of their current solution; they were unsure of how to begin an upgrade to React.

What We Did

Creating The Healthcheck

Before addressing the reported problem we wanted to understand their full development operation and build trust with their team before we could recommend a clear plan of action.

We started by spending 2 days with the team at their office in London. Through a series of 1 on 1 interviews, observations and discussions we collected information which allowed us to produce a report on their development practices were and what was required to begin a programme of work to help them with their challenges.

As part of our visit we started recording our findings into a report which covered 3 areas.

XP Practices


Development Operations

After the initial on-site consultancy and code review were we decided with the Cutover team to audit the codebase to understand the current architecture and where specifically it could be improved.

The outcome of the code review was to provide a proof of concept of a new architecture for them. We introduced them to our methodology for building scalable apps and we built a small proof of concept for them. This was done across a vertical slice in their code base to trial a 'like for like' comparison between the proposed approach and their current architecture.

We presented the results of our changes with documentation that could be used at both management level and team level. We helped advise a buy-in strategy for all stakeholders to make sure both the tech team and their management were in lock-step before proceeding to re- architect parts of their app to enable future growth.

Executive Summary

Creating A Clear Plan Of Action

• Advise on migration of an existing JavaScript codebase a more scalable architecture

• Helped the team to simplify automated testing

• Helped advise Cutover on upgrade approach to their Single Page App tech stack to new framework (AngularJS to React)

Quote from Cutover

"LogicRoom were able to help us health check our development team + processes after some rapid expansion in both our product and business. As a differentiator to the usual consultancy however they not only provided the insight into other approaches to maintaining and driving our codebase forward - but were able to provide concrete examples and the resource to prototype and show a way of working to achieve this to the development team."

Ongoing Relationship

Day to Day Coaching and Mentoring

We now work with Cutover as a long term strategic partner. We have a full time engineer working with their team to teach and coach them on building scalable apps using our methodology. We also work with the management team and help them with their engineering strategy including recruitment and training.