What is it?

‘Develop’ is a Logic Room software development service that organisations can use when they need custom app development using JavaScript.

Our team either works as a company's tech team or as an extension of their tech team.


Why does it exist?

We created ‘Develop’ to help companies build up their tech team with a trusted resource. Organisations often struggle to build up their tech teams; they may hire the wrong team or they hire the right team that do the wrong things.

This ends up in a painful experience for companies and even when they get it right they are taking a huge risk because it’s not an exact science.

A modern manager who is involved in orchestrating a software project has an important role; to make sure that they hire the right people, to build the right things in the right way.

Building software in the ‘right way’ is tough because there is little agreement on what this is. So many companies don’t enforce a policy; they hire a team and let the team decide

In our experience this causes problems; by putting together a team of divergent individuals and letting them make a decision on the core way to produce software companies omit a major contributing factor to running a successful IT project; standardisation.


How Does It Work

We think it’s better to have a core set of principles when developing apps. And from these principles we derive a set of rules that a team can use as a common ‘standard’. This standard can be used daily by each developer on the team. They involve low level rules and higher level rules that govern architecture and systems testing. They involve the words, actions and processes that the team can use in order to better collaborate.

We have developed and mastered a suite of methodologies which allow the standardisation of app development projects (and any other software development project for that matter) which help us produce higher quality software.

The two primary methodologies we use are ‘The Clean Architecture’ (created by Robert Martin) which allows us to standardise our application architecture across apps. And we practice ‘TDD Simplified’ a methodology created by our founder Pete to help teams learn and practice better Test Driven Development. This means that when they ship code it has automated testing to go with it.

By working with Logic Room companies can reduce risk and improve their teams ability to produce robust software through our engagement model



I am already working with a consultancy that provides resource, how is this different? Most consultancies have not mastered explicit ways of building software meaning that a client becomes dependant on their ability to develop rather than their ability to pass the knowledge and skill back to the client for them to become self sufficient. Because we have clearly documented and mastered specific rules for building software we allow our clients to use much more of their own resource. Instead of having to supply entire teams, we can simply provide you with a couple developers per project to augment your team and you get a better outcome.

Can I just learn the Clean Architecture and TDD Simplified without needing to hire you? Sure the link to TCA is here. And the online seminar for TDD Simplified is here. However what we have found out is that committing to long term excellence is not simply a case of ‘having’ the knowledge. After having run training courses we noticed that initually knowledge has good results but over time a team will slide into old habits. This is completely natural and is the consequence of being human. We work with your team and your organisation to consistently instill the discipline and re-enforce the principles behind TCA and TDD Simplified. This means your team will attain a culture that helps them stay at a level of peak performance!

I already have permie base for my team and offshore/outsource any other dev work, is this relevant? Many companies use a model of insourcing and offshoring/outsourcing and this is a great way to get high value work done with the scalability of using an external partner. However Logic Room has found through countless engagements that sometimes teams need help from a partner that doesn’t give them the ‘what’, but also the ‘how’.

We parter with your teams, internal and external to not just provide trusted resource but to help guide you down the right path with your app development but also help you instill the cultural change that will promote better architecture (The Clean Architecture) and a way to do TDD that works (TDD Simplified).

Is this outsourcing? No, outsourcing is where you hand us work. In this case our team is working with you! This means you are not being deprived of becoming skilled. In fact, our team will help your team learn faster because that is their job. We promote knowledge sharing and ongoing improvement with the use of TCA and TDD Simplified with your team through what we know as ‘osmosis’ rather than cookie-cutter training. See our engagement model diagram (above).

I’m happy with my team at the moment is this for me? If you are unsure as to whether this is for you then we can offer to perform a team ‘healthcheck’ using our software team transformation framework; Amplitude. We compile a simple report which will look at where your team currently is in terms of maturity and suggest improvement.

I already have a technical lead/architect - how would this work? In our experience a really good technical lead or architect will enjoy the experience of working with a team who is going to help them ‘day to day’ to create the right culture their team needs for success. Our team is there to support and advise your technical leaders.


Executive Summary

  • Our Develop service offers organisations a way to work with qualified Logic Room developers that work with our their team day to day to help them create the highest standard of software development
  • They are supported by the Logic Room team and management to help provide feedback to our client so that the correct strategic approaches are used
  • They form a partnership with technical leads and management to help them create the right culture in the software team
  • They will work with your team to help them to apply Test Driven Development and The Clean Architecture with rigour and discipline
  • Logic Room helps their clients gain a high level of transparency, inspection and adaptation by working through the Develop engagement model (above)

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